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is my tattoo studio, but above all it’s my home

born from the need to create a unique place where I can dedicate myself to art intimately and reconnect to the splendor of nature …

born as a place of meeting and exchange for unconventional minds who see and live the world in their own way

born to delight the customers and transport them to a parallel world where the world does not exist

Meaning of the name

#salottino: the Italian word for “Living Room” because it is inspired by the early twentieth century French living rooms – managed by diplomatic women – which were meeting places for open minds, philosophers, artists, painters, poets, writers .. a place for meeting ideas, a place to start changing the world.

#rock: by definition it is all that is nonconformist, for those who see things from a different point of view, a word of protest and revolt, of greater freedom of expression, of change

My goal is to work to make the world more tattooed, more colorful, more expressive and more alive, maybe … more aware.


so it is not open to the public and I DO NOT RECEIVE FOR CONSULTATIONS 

(you can do it all online)

The Salottino Rock is hidden in a hill where not even Google Maps arrives, for a 360 ° experience.
Not just a drawing, needle and go away, but a relaxing day immersed in the green of nature that green that naturally leads you to introspection and just one breath is enough to reconnect to yourself

a day dedicated only to you, and everyone else outside, a day on vacation from the world


you can, you must

: WHERE is the studio?

in Mercato Saraceno

(Forlì/Cesena – Emilia Romagna) – Italy

the address is TOP SECRET

: ARE YOU FAR AWAY FROM ME? Beautiful !!

you can take advantage of the opportunity to spend a weekend in Romagna,

between relaxation, tracking and culinary delights; organizing your escapade is very simple

with the tour guide I have created for you!

Romagna Mia

a short video
to make you understand what you can find here if you push yourself to visit the splendor of the Romagna region

Mercato Saraceno

a longer video

to show you that little corner of paradise is Mercato Saraceno the Municipality which I fell in love


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