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adoro mettere le mani dove altri si fermerebbero e adoro trasformare un corpo che un altro evento ha trasformato prima di me

I love to put my hands where others would stop and I love to transform a body that another event has transformed before me

I really like the idea of ​​being part of this change


I think all tattoos bring a very big psychological change, but the cover ups of scars even more and they have soooo much more chance to change someone’s life forever


most of the scars I cover are psychological, invisible to the eye


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dal mio BLOG

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cover ups require more work,

obviously, compared to tattoos on intact ``canvas``:

  • they require a longer, more detailed and scrupulous planning
  • different technical skills
  • different skin and time management
  • a touch up of the tattoo is more likely to take after 4-6 weeks because scar skin may choose to heal differently than healthy skin
  • and also require more careful and scrupulous care by the client during the recovery phase ^ _ ^

for these reasons I apply a 20% increase on the price of the tattoo but I am so sure of my skills in this field that:

  • I will not ask you for the deposit and if you do not feel like getting tattooed until the last minute you can go away without spending anything
  • 10% of the amount you will pay me a month after the tattoo, only if you are satisfied with the result

until some time ago I treated this topic with total discretion and silence

respecting the customer and his disturbance, I never even dared to ask to take a picture

then a girl, a year after our date, asked me to public her story because she was now very proud of it! that day, she went for a walk with me in a TATTOO CONVENTION showing everyone her leg and showing the photo of how it was before … I saw her going around wearing shorts and I saw pictures of her at the seaside in bikini, knowing that for thirty years she had never done it!

I published her photos and gave hope to those people who discovered that they have an alternative


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is the photographic story of Ilaria

and other people who had the courage to tell about their change: