My name is LADY SARA
and I’m an Italian Tattoo Artist

about me my storyTatouage avant-garde d'élite means for me creating lines and feelings for eternal moments. 

My approach to tattoos is based on listening to my customer, what they want to share with me… a story, a meaning, a memory, a feeling.

. Everything begin from that . 
From a past memory that I represent now in the present;
a moment that will be forever on my customer in the future.

Avant-garde because it breaks the rules and focus on different styles, mixing them, also when theoretically it shouldn't work or when nobody trust this.
Often, avant-garde represent itself in stronger styles, naked and pessimists ones, but not me This is why I used before the word "élite".

Elite because It's not a style that everyone likes, but only the persons that have something to tell or share, someone who cares on details, who love poetries and aim to happiness, can like this style.


. I don't prepare drafts in advance .
it all starts with a story, a tale, a memory, a feeling ... 
with what you’d like to start to tell me

and so I start to dream, like I'm reading a book, and I imagine the scenes that you create and then I'll explain it to you. 

WHY GETTING A TATTOO?!?! I think it's so important theme to write a whole post about it ^_^ READ IT

. I don't prepare drafts in advance .
I’d like to draw everything together with the customer, because I think that the tattoo should be as far as yours and mine and I want to share the structure of the project. 

So the day of the appointment I’ll arrive with my luggage package of images and symbols.
I'll arrive with all those meanings and that details that you have not told me, but I've discovered.

and together we decide what is good for us, what does not, and we create the basis for drawing together until all the details are hypothesized (colors, techniques, subjects) and there begins the tattoo



I'm a serial designer of stories, creating lines and feelings for eternal moments 
but I can't find the limit between words and lines, so I design stories and tell stories about images ^_^

welcome to the first tattoo blog telling the life of a contemporary tattoo artist

in the next page you can find stories of a female tattoo artist: 
moving between my life in the studio and the humans that pass through these rooms
all the gossip of this world and my mystical/artistic crises
the #poppyblog and the #poppyrevolution behind it

what is the life of a tattoo artist now?



>> Salottino Rock is my tattoo studio, but above all is my home 

It was born as a meeting place for unconventional minds and my desire is that in this place you can express feelings or memories through a tattoo, but also through any form of art expression.


 #salottino: because it is inspired by the early twentieth century French salons, run by diplomatic women, were you can met open minds people, philosophers, artists, painters, poets, writers ... a place to start changing the world.

#rock: by definition it is all that is nonconformist, who sees things from a different point of view from the majority of society, a word of protest and revolt, freedom of expression, of change

The goal of Salottino Rock is to work humbly and with dedication to spread art as much as possible in the world, to make it more tattooed, more colorful, happier, more expressive and more alive, maybe ... more aware.

I wanted to create something unique, a studio hidden in a hill for a 360 ° experience
A day of relaxation immersed in the green of nature, that green that naturally leads you to introspection and even just a single breath it's enought to reconnect yourself to yourself

. A day dedicated only to you, and everyone else out.


I need to explain you a couple of things, because you probably have not yet found a tattoo artist with such an unusual way of working, so follow me ....

A tattoo for me is not just an aesthetic factor, in addition to the design there is much more.

a tattoo with me is not the experience you usually think of when you go to get a tattoo 



>> total information, before during and after the tattoo you must be informed and aware of every aspect, every procedure, every detail (and you can already see starting from these lines written ...)

>> even if you're far, what's the problem? my tattoo studio is scattered in a hill and even if I lived near, you could not pass for a consultation ... so I organized the whole procedure to make everything possible from faraway AND I have written you a wonderful TOURIST GUIDE to better organize your little trip to Italy, some days of vacation from the world, where only you and your path exist and where time does not exist anymore 

>> no distraction, there are only us in the whole hill, no supplier knocking on the door, no customer passing to ask for information ....

>> NO DESIGN? NO PROBLEM! obviously I'll take care of this; I'll take care of you even when you do not have any idea yet; I only need a story to tell. 

>> a session of psychology of the image because there is a reason if you are instinctively attracted to an image, and I know what it is.
Do you want to know it? OK  
But sometimes I also find things that you would not want to find ...

I guess this is a difficult point to understand, so I described a practical example in this FREE DOWNLOAD 

>> a 100% vegan tattoo, which means that it is a much more natural and in tune with the human body.
Probably skepticism urges, so if you are interested in deepening the speech I wrote an article just for you: VEGAN TATTOO, but for real?!?! 

>> a GIFT BOX full of useful and futile ideas 

>> FREE RE-TOUCH: I would like to be totally calm that the tattoo shine as it should and so I offer you the free retouching of parts of the tattoo in case you have encountered difficulty in healing 

>> NO COVER UP > I'm sorry, it's not my sport.
I'm good in covering up, but I do not like doing this; so to convince me you should pay me at least the double rate ^_^
why? you can read this article:  VINTAGE TATTOO? I LOVE THEM


SO, NOW...

>> if you want to ASK ME INFORMATION about a project that you have in your mind or if you want to ask for an appointment, please fill out the following form 

this is my way to understand your project and give you all the information that you need

fill out the form





 > what is it?

my NEW INITIATIVE TO HELP someone to make this strange world a little bit better, cuddling it a bit ^_^
for every tattoo that I will make 10 euro will be donated to charity for reasons that follow my life principle #veganstyle

THE REVENUE of these months will be donated to PET RESCUE ITALIA a Milanese non-profit association #animallover that make possible a dream of a better future for many cuddly puppies
(click here to find out more about them)





>> if you want to read about my art studies or my working experience, you can open my curriculum vitae