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I authorize:


  • registration by any means by the tattoo artist Liverani Sara
  • free reproduction on any known and future technical and / or multimedia support and dissemination on any web platform (and in particular the blog and website of the tattoo artist), for an unlimited time;
  • printing and publication in magazines, books, brochures and in promotional material of the tattoo artist;
  • the exhibition and the projection during seminars, exhibitions, debates, conferences, as well as the use by the tattoo artist for future events / works.


The statements made do not contain any element of a direct or indirect advertising nature or purpose, which could cause injury to the personal or property rights of third parties. The statements made, the photographic and audiovisual material do not harm the personal rights of third parties. I have not granted third parties conflicting rights or otherwise prejudicial to this declaration. I forbid its use in contexts that affect my personal dignity and decorum. The publication and reproduction may take place exclusively in anonymous form and / or with the use of pseudonyms, without total reproduction of my face (except that this is the part of the body tattooed). The stories, written or oral, that will talk about my personal life stories should not contain clear references that make my person unmistakably recognizable, but they should make the story possibly valid for multiple people. In any case, I note that my person may still be recognizable to third parties, being able to connect the tattoo / design depicted to my story, and the other way around.

To the extent necessary, I declare that this authorization is valid pursuant to art. 97 of the Italian law on copyright (law n. 633 of 22 April 1943). I declare to take full responsibility for the declarations made, relieving the tattoo artist Sara Liverani of any claim and action even of third parties, and to be informed of any download, interviews, stories and images. The use of recordings, images and the narration narrated by me are to be considered free of charge. Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/678 at any time, I will have the right to revoke the authorization to process the audiovisual and photographic material collected.